5. Oct 2017

Ads from real world

Volkswagen new commercial is suprisngly different. Instead of showing us the perfect family, driving around and having the time of their life- we see something much […]
4. Sep 2017

Instagram Statistics

September 03, 2017 Nathan Mendenhall Digital marketing changes very rapidly, so it’s important to stay caught up with new platforms, strategies and tactics. One thing that can […]
5. May 2017

Digital media

Consumer behavior is the most dynamic variable in the advertising industry.  There are things that consumers love about Internet advertising, like livestreaming and personalized experiences. On […]
17. Apr 2017

E-mail marketing

We have already talked a lot about e-mail marketing. We really believe that this is really efficient channel for advertising, if You do it a right […]
4. Apr 2017

TV vs Google and Facebook?

Want to be successful, then go where the money is. This is exactly what Google and Facebook are doing today. Did You know that more than […]
28. Mar 2017

10 of the best digital agency websites

Ben Davis@ Econsultancy chose 10 best websites within digital marketing segment. If you want to see something different before starting to create Your own page, check […]
7. Mar 2017

5 skills for digital marketer

Great article from Ashley Zeckman about 5 Digital Marketing Brain Training Exercises to Keep You Sharp. Over the years, we’ve all developed some bad habits as […]
3. Mar 2017

4 useful Analytics Reports

Really useful reading about how to use this amazing tool “Google Analytics”. Google Analytics is availible without any charges.  It is important to understand the helpful […]
21. Feb 2017

Presents for customers…

While ago I wrote about client testimonials. Now I would like to continue on the same topic, from a different angle. As we have been repeating […]
13. Feb 2017

Digital marketing skills

What are the most important skills in digital marketing when thinking about the year 2017?  The skills of digital marketing must evolve together with the technology, […]
8. Feb 2017

Client´s testimonials

Great article from Erika Heald. We suggest to all our clients to read it. Visit just about any business-to-business (B2B) website, and you’ll find customer testimonials front-and-center. Survey […]
19. Jan 2017

Marketing strategy

How should one set the chessman in order to take the maximum out of Your marketing budget? Speaking about Internet advertising, main keyword for next year […]
13. Dec 2016

Product pictures to Your website

We help our clients with webpage marketing on daily bases. Sometimes our clients are struggling to find a right person to do their product photos. Pictures […]
12. Dec 2016

Great updates on Facebook

Recently Facebook has presented new interesting updates, which can help companies to introduce their products and services even better. The overall approach is pretty clever and […]
26. Nov 2016

Donald Trump and Facebook

Great article from Joel Winston! Article describes how Donald Trump won the elections thanks to Facebook Advertising. There may be some fake news on Facebook, but […]
21. Nov 2016

Christmas time is knocking on the door!

Need help in planning Your Christmas sales? Here are some easy and great ways to really boost Your Internet advertising campaigns: The easiest way is to […]
18. Nov 2016

How to make Facebook page work?

Working on daily bases with clients Facebook pages, we face the same problems again and again. For the page to work properly you have 1-3 principles […]
18. Nov 2016

Your Company’s Social Media Profile

In the scheme of things, social media is probably one of a hundred different things on your daily to-do list. You don’t have the time, or […]
4. Oct 2016


Many companies manage their Facebook page by them self, meaning that your own brand manager is writing in Facebook, posting in Twitter and adding photos in […]